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I am an experienced expert working in various fields surrounding IT-solutions as well as business processes and digitalization


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Hi there! Thank you for visiting Advantech-Systems . My name is Moritz Rothe I am an expert in IT and business. I am currently working on various projects, with start-ups and corporate companies, involving the Microsoft universe, solution architecture and digital business development.

My IT-expertise includes a wide range of skills and knowledge, from software development to system administration, network engineering, and cyber security. I have a deep understanding of technology, which allows me to provide valuable insights and solutions to companies looking to leverage their IT infrastructure.

In addition to my IT expertise, I also have a background in business, particularly in process digitization, automation and business development as well as sales. The mixture with my IT knowhow helps me to understand and assist businesses to transform their operations and grow their revenue by leveraging state of the art technology and optimizing their processes.

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